Polestar 2 – A little accident

So in the start of december, I was driving home from my girlfriend’s place in the night, it was snowing, slippery and dark. Out from nowhere a deer ran in front of the car.

And what I always dread, happened.

Poor deer ended its life..

So I hit the deer head on, with the right side of the front. It was skidding on the road and me spot on, on the bumper. It slid infront of the car as I braked, still moving and making me quite tense.

I called the correct people and told about the accident, fortunately no other cars on the road at this time. When I got out, the deer was dead. I was able to move it out of the road.

Then I got to assess some of the damage. Not too bad, really. Not too much that did look damaged, but electronics..


So it didn’t look too bad.. But the headlight also pointed down right in front of the bumper, so quite unusable.

I delivered the car to the dealer the day after really, they sized up the damaged visually, three days later they started repairing it. First tearing it down, then finding some more damaged parts to be ordered.

In the end, the repair took one week, quite fast! They ended up replacing;

  • Bumper skin
  • Bumper reinforcement
  • Lower lip/spoiler
  • Parking sensors
  • Headlight
  • Grill
  • Right wing

And some bits and bops.

Shout-out to Bilia Gjøvik for this quick and professional repair of a new car.

Love the car!

Polestar 2 – Broken down…

As I driving north on a friday, an error popped up in the instrument cluster, telling me the drivetrain urgently needed service. I could however feel no difference in how the car drove. I continued my journey.

When I arrived, I unloaded my luggage and the pooch. Got back in the car to see if the error still was there, which it was.
The difference now was it was more of them.
When I tried to put the car in Drive or Reverse, it just wouldn’t. New errors with “Starting car, system control, please wait”

Since nothing I did worked, I called Polestar Assistance/Connect-button in the car.

Sad panda
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Polestar 2 – Software issues and bugs

As it has become the norm, a product is not done when delivered to the public anymore, and we’ve come to expect some bugs and non-functioning things. Cars are the same, especially when they contain so much technology as they do now.

Here’s my list of issues I have encountered (or picked up from others) since I’ve taken delivery.

Lights: Auto Pixel-highbeams does not work, no change when turning the knob as instructed
ACC/RTI: The car does not read the signs for automatic traffic control/speed cameras
ACC: Unable to choose the settings for ACC to use the posted speed limit as upper limit
Inst.Cluster: No indication if DRLs or driving lights are illuminated, the same symbol is shown regardless Bug or oversight?
Phone app: Does not exist
Since phone app doesn’t exist, there’s no preconditioning.
Electrical: Phantom warnings about the 12V-system Might be more serious
Electrical: The 12V-battery should always be charging from the high-voltage battery when required, not just when driving.
Apps, Spotify: Only showing the first 100 songs in a playlist AA limitation?
Apps, Spotify: Not possible to select higher quality streaming
Inst.Cluster: When opening the hood/frunk when the car is parked, it will still warn “Stop safely” and beep. This is not necessary when parked since it was a deliberate action by the driver
Charging: Not respecting set charge limit (Charging to 100% even though limit set to 80%)
4G: Data connectivity often stops working, even though there’s coverage

Polestar 2 – Impressions and driving

Just back home – of course a quick wash was in order!

After many months of waiting and anticipated I finally got the date for my delivery. It was finally the end of scouring facebook groups, reviews on youtube and so forth for any new detail of information I hadn’t gleamed yet. I could finally experience the car for myself.

21st of August I got the keys, and drove home. Even though it was raining, it was all sunshine inside the car and in my mind – the car was great!

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