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Polestar 2 – Software issues and bugs

As it has become the norm, a product is not done when delivered to the public anymore, and we’ve come to expect some bugs and non-functioning things. Cars are the same, especially when they contain so much technology as they do now.

Here’s my list of issues I have encountered (or picked up from others) since I’ve taken delivery.

Lights: Auto Pixel-highbeams does not work, no change when turning the knob as instructed
ACC/RTI: The car does not read the signs for automatic traffic control/speed cameras
ACC: Unable to choose the settings for ACC to use the posted speed limit as upper limit
Inst.Cluster: No indication if DRLs or driving lights are illuminated, the same symbol is shown regardless Bug or oversight?
Phone app: Does not exist
Since phone app doesn’t exist, there’s no preconditioning.
Electrical: Phantom warnings about the 12V-system Might be more serious
Electrical: The 12V-battery should always be charging from the high-voltage battery when required, not just when driving.
Apps, Spotify: Only showing the first 100 songs in a playlist AA limitation?
Apps, Spotify: Not possible to select higher quality streaming
Inst.Cluster: When opening the hood/frunk when the car is parked, it will still warn “Stop safely” and beep. This is not necessary when parked since it was a deliberate action by the driver
Charging: Not respecting set charge limit (Charging to 100% even though limit set to 80%)
4G: Data connectivity often stops working, even though there’s coverage

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