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Polestar 2 – Broken down…

As I driving north on a friday, an error popped up in the instrument cluster, telling me the drivetrain urgently needed service. I could however feel no difference in how the car drove. I continued my journey.

When I arrived, I unloaded my luggage and the pooch. Got back in the car to see if the error still was there, which it was.
The difference now was it was more of them.
When I tried to put the car in Drive or Reverse, it just wouldn’t. New errors with “Starting car, system control, please wait”

Since nothing I did worked, I called Polestar Assistance/Connect-button in the car.

Sad panda

Not much to do and a flatbed was ordered to pick the car up and deliver it to the closest repair shop.

Looks good, though.

By now, they have figured out that the 12V-battery had been run down (the cooling fan was going all out for a long time, lights where blinking, alarm was hay-wire), but the culprit seems to be a battery/cabin-heater device, which may have short-circuited.

A new part is ordered, hopefully to be delivered from Sweden tomorrow. Not sure how much work it’ll be to do the replacement, but I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get it back sooner rather than later. And that this new part is free from faults.

I’ve also asked them to do a ‘configuration test’ to try and make my Pixel LED full beams work, as the auto-functionality does not work on my car. Doing this is supposed to enable them according to some other technicians.

This problem here have bothered a lot of owners on the Polestar Owners Club Norway Facebook group, so hopefully there’s a permanent solution.

Ending the post with a picture of the car charging, and the Polestar shining through the glass

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