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Polestar 2 – A little accident

So in the start of december, I was driving home from my girlfriend’s place in the night, it was snowing, slippery and dark. Out from nowhere a deer ran in front of the car.

And what I always dread, happened.

Poor deer ended its life..

So I hit the deer head on, with the right side of the front. It was skidding on the road and me spot on, on the bumper. It slid infront of the car as I braked, still moving and making me quite tense.

I called the correct people and told about the accident, fortunately no other cars on the road at this time. When I got out, the deer was dead. I was able to move it out of the road.

Then I got to assess some of the damage. Not too bad, really. Not too much that did look damaged, but electronics..


So it didn’t look too bad.. But the headlight also pointed down right in front of the bumper, so quite unusable.

I delivered the car to the dealer the day after really, they sized up the damaged visually, three days later they started repairing it. First tearing it down, then finding some more damaged parts to be ordered.

In the end, the repair took one week, quite fast! They ended up replacing;

  • Bumper skin
  • Bumper reinforcement
  • Lower lip/spoiler
  • Parking sensors
  • Headlight
  • Grill
  • Right wing

And some bits and bops.

Shout-out to Bilia Gjøvik for this quick and professional repair of a new car.

Love the car!

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