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Polestar 2 – Impressions and driving

Just back home – of course a quick wash was in order!

After many months of waiting and anticipated I finally got the date for my delivery. It was finally the end of scouring facebook groups, reviews on youtube and so forth for any new detail of information I hadn’t gleamed yet. I could finally experience the car for myself.

21st of August I got the keys, and drove home. Even though it was raining, it was all sunshine inside the car and in my mind – the car was great!

The full LED-lights are great – fortunately they were correctly adjusted when I received it

I’ve driven about 1700 km since I took delivery, and I’ve put it to my normal use in that time.
Of course there has been many trips to the stores to pick up “something I forgot”, since it’s just so much fun to drive it.

I’ve fitted a transport cage for the dog in the back;

SafeCrate XS

You’ll have to remove the parcel shelf for it to fit, but that’s alright for me. Poochie isn’t a large St. Bernard, so the cage is relatively small, but he has more than enough space in there, while still leaving some more room for luggage, and I can also pack smartly by utilizing the room underneath the floor.

I’ll update now and then with how things are, and also make a list over issues I’ve encountered.

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