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A new shade of red

The garage has been standing since 2004, and as far as I can tell, it seemed to be sporting the original paint from that same year. It started to become real worn.

The south-facing wall was really bad, the paint had cracked several places, and was really matte. New paint was needed.
I do not have so many pictures of the job, but what I did was;

  • Paint the white parts by the roof
  • Paint the door (north-side) and the window (south-side)

So here’s the south-side after I had scraped off all the bad paint, and wood primer is applied.

The whites been painted already, primer applied


First coat being applied

Fast forward roughly half a year, and this is how it is now, two coats of paint later.


The paint I used is Drywood, Stuerød BY43. I painted it in September 2015, so it’s quite new still. The house and annex was painted in spring 2014 with Drygolin (I think it was) and it’s already showing signs of matt-ness. Not good.

The Drywood-paint was a breeze to paint with, with good coverage and it dried really quick. I am really looking forward seeing how it will hold up to the weather, my south-facing walls do receive some punishment.

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