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Door for the server rack

So when I made the server rack I planned to have a door in front of it, to conceal the equipment, make it look a bit nicer. It would also act like a air filter for dust and fur, as I planned to use speaker cloth in it.

So the plan was to make a frame in wood, and wrap speaker cloth around it. As seen in the above picture, I made the frame out of some wood I got sliced up into 16mm sticks – the same width as the rack.
I then clued the corners together, held with the corner clamp. I also shot a nail through it to help strengthen the joint. Did this on all four corners, and made a center bar to help support it.

Then the wrapping.

Lay it out and cut out as much cloth as needed

Then I used nails/tacks to fasten the cloth, which need to be quite strongly strung across the frame. The corners are the worst, though 😛

This worked…

Here it is done, quite tight over the frame. I did think about painting the frame black, but the cloth is dense enough to hide the wood well enough for me.

I also attached some Velcro to the door and rack front to secure it to the rack.

Perfect 🙂

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