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Fixing up the ATV

My father bought an ATV and I thought it needed some buffing up. It wasn’t bad, but you could see it wasn’t the latest model.

Linhai 300CC

The plastic has faded a bit, so the red started looking pink. The bars in the front and the back was gray instead of black, etc etc.

Gave it a good washing and rolled it into the garage.


I’ve used Owatrol Polytrol to get the red color back, here I have just applied it.

still wet

I also swapped the extra work light that was on it with a LED Bar. The old one wasn’t working anyway. The new one is from DealExtreme, cheap is good!

12x Cree diodes, 36W


The wiring for it on the ATV wasn’t as I expected, so the LED bar ended up being on all the time when the ignition was on. Not okay, especially if driving on the road when dark. So I had installed a switch for it.

many holes..
..makes a square













So I then inserted the switch and it was all good!

Pictures of the finished ATV. Plastic red and black, the bars are black and nice, exhaust has been done too plus the new light. Not much spent on it at all, but it doesn’t look as dated anymore 🙂

finished switch placement btw


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