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Straightening up the storage room

When I bought the house, it also came with an annex with a storage room. The storage room wasn’t finished, just concrete for floor and plywood for walls. No ceiling either for that matter.

Quite bare

Started with some paint then…

I reckoned it could be a bit different with just a layer of paint, so that the texture of the wood behind showed through.

Getting there..

I also got some shelving up, trying to organize everything and fit even more in there.

This works..

I have since this picture was taken gotten more shelves there.

The big problem in this room was the lack of any electricity. So no outlets or lights. It quickly became a problem during the winter months. The other room in here had electricity, and a fuse box, so I took down some of the wall panels and ran wires for a ceiling light, outlets and outside illumination.

Outlets, one in an easy for the back-height.

Ended up with this, a motion sensor to turn on the lights in the ceiling. Plus the other switch for the outside light, which is remotely controlled by my Home Automation software.


Here’s the ceiling light, where you can see the next project. Finish the ceiling 😛


So, when the electricity was in orden, I wanted to get the mouldings around the doors done.

First was the wood that goes from the door frame and into the room, level with the wall plates. Cut them up and smacked them in. Became a big room at the top, but small enough to be hidden behind the moulding.

I guess it has a name of some sort…

Stuffed insulation into the crevices and cut the plastic a bit shorter and tucked it in and around the insulation.

Ready for mouldings.

First door and moulding.

First on

And done.

And the last door.

Much better

Oh yeah, I also tried Kiwi-tiles for the floor. Quite happy with them! Only thing is I think they are a bit too light in the colour, so I will order the rest in dark gray instead. And then put the light gray in the middle of the room, making a “design” out of it.

Practical floor.

So that’s all for now, hopefully I will be able to finish the floor and ceiling through the summer.

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