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Green thumbs?

I might not have the greenest thumbs, but they are getting there.

I do like a green lawn. And it should consist mostly of grass. Not moss or dirt and rocks. That latter was a problem near the entrance to the house, not much growing there at all. So today I did a little work there.

Dirt, rocks and nasty looking

So I dug up the area, about 10-15 cm down into the earth. I found a lot of rocks of different sizes, sand and gravel.

Tiresome work…

I then started sifting through the dirt to remove all rocks and pepples, weeds and moss and everything else that’s not supposed to be in a lawn. I also decided to throw (almost) all of the old grass. Shook most of the dirt of the roots though.

Mixing in some new, fertilized dirt

When everything that wasn’t supposed to be in there was sorted out, I mixed in 80L of new lawn dirt. The grass should grow better in that than rocks and gravel.

Here it is mostly done…

I don’t have a roller of any sort to compress it again, so I had to step on it try and make it level and compressed enough. I think it should do fine.

Afterwards I planted the grass seeds with a spreader I have, before I ruffled the top layer up a bit with a rake so it got a bit mixed. Then I watered it richly.

Ready for growing!

And then it’s almost ready for growing at least. Last thing I need is to buy some fertilizer. I need that for the rest of the lawn anyway.
Anyway, excuse the sad lawn. It’s not itself yet after the winter. But soon…

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